[CANCELED] Beta Cuck w/ Dummy, the Mall, Miracle Whip
March 24, 2020
9:30 pm
St. Louis
The Sinkhole
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you wake up from what was supposed to be a 20 minute nap and find yourself in a shitty two and a half dimension rendering of an insane cyber circus. where there’s not a single person in the audience. but it’s crowded. everyone is moving fast, frantically. everyone performing has eyes bulging out of their heads and somehow you know they havent blinked in weeks.

you keep trying to leave the circus but every time you think you find the way out its a trick exit and you find yourself more lost than before. but every time this happens you realize you’re happier than before. the energy is starting to infect you. it’s building. its good. you start to dance. you’re afraid of blinking. what if you miss something? WHAT IF YOU MISS SOMETHING??

with locals –
you’ve been dancing for a long time. weeks? maybe only an hour. you make it through another trick exit even though you dont want to leave anymore and this room is full of your friends. they’re all glowing? no, they’re just wearing cool shiny rave shirts. and sunglasses. you feel very at home. it’s calming and you should be tired, but this is the groove you’ve been waiting for. you made it, your friends have been waiting to dance with you.

you pause to take a drink. the music is starting to sound wrong. it’s getting too fast. there’s feedback and screeching. the fog machine is too much. or is that real smoke? you hear a crash. the building is starting to collapse. you run.

3-10 dollar suggested donation, no one turned away for lack of funds.
Bands start at 930 sharp. absolutely no punk time.