Desert Liminal w/ Jeremiah M. Carter + Kelby Clark, WHSKYJANETor, Crisis Walk Ins
October 6, 2022
7:30 pm
St. Louis
The Sinkhole
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Desert Liminal (CHI)
♫ ☾ Desert Liminal is an experimental pop trio and fixture in the deep field of Chicago D.I.Y. Their unique sound combines elements of melodic dream pop, shoegaze, and noise.

Jeremiah M. Carter (NY) + Kelby Clark (TN)
Jeremiah M. Carter (NY) and Kelby Clark (TN) have been longtime friends and collaborators. During 2020 they began using more intuitive methods of collaboration inspired by country music and jazz that led to 2 LP’s and 3 EP’s on various labels from Working Man Lay Down to the European imprint Vaagner and Athen’s own Garden Portal. With an array of acoustic instruments they explore drone, folk, and old time music that showcases their southern roots.

Everyone’s a fan of her

Crisis Walk Ins (STL)

730pm – doors
8pm – show
All Ages