Laminate w/ Oruã, No Antics, Unknown & Sailing
November 17, 2022
8:00 pm
St. Louis
The Sinkhole
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Laminate (Seattle, WA)
Sonically, Laminate is a punch to the gut that will leave you asking for more. Feedback and effects-laden guitars soar over a driving rhythm section crafting a bone-rattling sound. Conceptually, Laminate is a love letter to the 90s alt-rock aesthetic that draws upon and heavily references post-punk, shoegaze, and modern indie. Laminate scratches the nostalgic itch while treading new ground with their refreshing sound.
Born of the musical vision of Jealous Yellow (guitar and vocals), Laminate began as Mark Carranza (drums), Kenny Heminger (guitar), and Yellow’s longtime musical collaborator Jacob Roos (bass). Heminger’s eventual departure and the global COVID-19 pandemic left Laminate uncertain of their future in 2020. The next year, however, saw the addition of Alfredo Arnaiz Sibila to fill the role of second guitarist and the release of Laminate’s first full length album, I, recorded prior to Heminger’s exit from the group and released in July of 2021.
The year 2022 has seen Laminate’s continued reintroduction to the public revealing the new line-up with a live video session and Laminate’s first in-person performance since 2019. Laminate continues their strong 2022 with a tour of the continental U.S. in the fall supporting Brazilian psych-rock sensation Oruã.
Oruã (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil)
ORUÃ is a child of downtowsn, was born at night and attends the parties at dawn. A poor man’s jazz. Working-class’ krautrock. They play in Baixada Fluminense and in the United States, do not travel on tourism and have never been on an exchange program
No Antics (STL)
Unknown & Sailing (STL)
730pm – doors
8pm – show
All Ages