Nixil w/ Extinctionism, Van Buren, Socket
August 29, 2022
8:00 pm
St. Louis
The Sinkhole
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Nixil (Baltimore, MD)
Born on the cusp of the death of western civilization, Nixil is the expression of the deep existential frustration of four individuals in collaboration, wielding music and art as a powerful manifestation of strength and a defiant middle finger to the suffocating grip of a toxic and crumbling world.
Nixil is a swirling alchemical cocktail of varied sources, creating a sound in which one might be reminded of the weirder side of Mayhem, the atmospheric expansiveness of French avant garde black metal a la Blut Aus Nord, and the moody, gothic depression of Bethlehem, connected by a powerful, driving rhythm in the filthy spirit of crust punk and tinged with occult psychedelia.
730pm – doors
8pm – show
All Ages