Riboflavin (ATL) w/ Pineapple RnR, the Yeasties, CMI Video Prod
January 27, 2020
9:00 pm
St. Louis
The Sinkhole
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*An event you’ll tell your grandkids about!*
Brought to you by Sam P. , so you can count on a good one

Don’t miss Riboflavin from Atlanta, GA as they make their way through our city on their wintertime musical tour! Plus some punkie locals to round out the night.

Featuring video production by the enigmatic CMI Productions… St. Louis, will you welcome the hardworking professionals who’ve got our best interest in mind??? I trust ’em.

Riboflavin (ATL): https://riboflavinband.bandcamp.com/releases
Punk songs to dance to… seriously good songs by musicians who don’t seem to take themselves too seriously!! I like.

Pineapple RNR: https://pineapplernr.bandcamp.com/
Is it wild coincidence that PINEAPPLES contain the VITAMIN B, Riboflavin?? I THINK NOT. But, Pineapple RNR contains much more than that… hoppy energy and I’m NOT talkin the hops found in Budweiser …. OK somebody stop me.. I’m done now

The YeAsTieS:
ThE nEwEsT gRoUp oF TrIcKsTerS oUt ThEre. iT’s DUM DUM ROCK tHaT sOuNdS LiKe qUeSo ShArEd BeTweEn FrIeNdS aNd yOuR lAsT bReaTh aFtEr ClimBiNg 3 fLiGhts oF StAirS! Catch their 1st release out soon 🙂


All Ages