The Conformists w/ Imelda Marcos, Zantigo
August 20, 2022
8:00 pm
St. Louis
The Sinkhole
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Imelda Marcos (Chicago)
The Chicago duo…returns three years after [third album] Tatlo with…the expressive vocals of the charismatic Donna Diane, the four [songs] of Albularyo…are highly percussive, even the guitar which becomes entangled in frenetic, distressing, doctored, synthetic tones crossed by disturbing electronic effects. The structures are by turns repetitive, hypnotizing, dislocated, smelling of sulfur and tension, abruptly lyrical at times.
–Perte & Fracas (translated from French)
The Conformists
The Conformists, est. 1996, are a quartet from St. Louis, MO who play weirdo rock music and write mercifully short bios.
Zantigo, The Band, is the greatest rock outfit to ever spring from the 8th, and 15th wards. We vote in all mid-term elections, and we never use scented detergent.
7:30 PM – Doors
8:00 PM – Show starts
All Ages