South St. Louis Rock n Roll Venue

Loudness War (LA) w/ MFG, Cult Season

Loudness War (Baton Rouge, LA) Fuzz worship ~ drink the warm fizz MFG Heavy psych trash from across the mythical river Cult Season A true sin-sation – join up or get lost 9PM $5 All Ages

Pumpkinseed (TN) w/ Sunset Over Houma, Monkh and the People

Pumpkinseed (Cookeville, TN) Rock n roll soul power Sunset Over Houma (STL) Indie rock symphonic sounds Monkh And The People (STL) Blues rock n roll 8PM $5 All Ages

Sex Snobs (OKC) w/ Apex Shrine, Old Hand

Sex Snobs (OKC) Citrus flavored alternative rock Apex Shrine (STL) Space hippie blues Old Hand (STL) Riff Rock/Witch Metal/ Dark Blues 8PM $5 All Ages

Brother Lee & the Leather Jackals w/ Sad Baxter (TN), SweetTalker (TN), the Death

— Brother Lee — (STL) “It’s been a long time since the phrase “sex drugs and rock & roll” has been so succinctly represented by a band.” — Sad Baxter — (TN) “Heavy pop sludge featuring idiots Deezy and Alex. Let’s git sad.” — SWEETTALKER — (TN) “Smooooooth Nashville Country boys.” — Read more about Brother Lee & the Leather Jackals w/ Sad Baxter (TN), SweetTalker (TN), the Death[…]

Walrus (Canada) w/ Carinae (MA), Polyshades, MFG

Walrus (Halifax, Canada) Walrus are here to play for the sake of the song. The Halifax based band’s debut LP, Family Hangover, is a fuzzed-out electric blanket of soul with unrepentant strands of authentic heaviosity. Extensive studio experimentation can be heard throughout the sonically unique record, from varispeed warble to Spacemen-3 style saucer drone-attacks. Live, Read more about Walrus (Canada) w/ Carinae (MA), Polyshades, MFG[…]

Vintage Pistol (AR) w/ FreeThinker, Only Sound

Vintage Pistol (Fayetteville, AR) Imagine if The Allman Brothers went on a trippy magic carpet ride with The Black Keys and all of it was being narrated by Van “The Man” Morrison. That is pretty much Vintage Pistol, a 5 Piece rock band out of Fayetteville, AR. Influenced by the sounds Read more about Vintage Pistol (AR) w/ FreeThinker, Only Sound[…]