Sinkhole St. Louis
South St. Louis Rock n Roll Venue

Ghost Foot (LA) w/ Lindseys (WA), Shitstorm, Brainpal

Ghost foot (Shreveport, LA) Two piece swaggering swamp rock – been through town a time or two and still keep comin’ back! Lindseys (Seattle, WA) Fast and ripping punk rock – ft members of Validation Shitstorm (St. Louis) it takes 69 minutes to cook a tombstone pizza with the oven temp set to 420 Brainpal (St. Read more about Ghost Foot (LA) w/ Lindseys (WA), Shitstorm, Brainpal[…]

Helen Kelter Skelter (OK) w/ the Langaleers, Dryads

Helen Kelter Skelter (Norman, OK) Norman, Oklahoma band Helen Kelter Skelter is everything good about rock ‘n’ roll. Guitarist and vocalist Eli Wimmer, bassist Cody Clifton, keyboard player Jay Jamison, guitarist Tim Gregory, and drummer Scott Twitchell bring individual influences as varied as Hendrix to the Chainsaw Kittens, Nick Drake to Phillip Glass, and the Read more about Helen Kelter Skelter (OK) w/ the Langaleers, Dryads[…]

Brother O’ Brother (IN) w/ MFG, Captain Jane

Brother O Brother (Romanus Records – Indianapolis, IN) MFG Captain Jane (St. Louis) 9PM $5 All Ages

Loudness War (LA) w/ MFG, Cult Season

Loudness War (Baton Rouge, LA) Fuzz worship ~ drink the warm fizz MFG Heavy psych trash from across the mythical river Cult Season A true sin-sation – join up or get lost 9PM $5 All Ages

Pumpkinseed (TN) w/ Sunset Over Houma, Monkh and the People

Pumpkinseed (Cookeville, TN) Rock n roll soul power Sunset Over Houma (STL) Indie rock symphonic sounds Monkh And The People (STL) Blues rock n roll 8PM $5 All Ages

Sex Snobs (OKC) w/ Apex Shrine, Old Hand

Sex Snobs (OKC) Citrus flavored alternative rock Apex Shrine (STL) Space hippie blues Old Hand (STL) Riff Rock/Witch Metal/ Dark Blues 8PM $5 All Ages

Brother Lee & the Leather Jackals w/ Sad Baxter (TN), SweetTalker (TN), the Death

— Brother Lee — (STL) “It’s been a long time since the phrase “sex drugs and rock & roll” has been so succinctly represented by a band.” — Sad Baxter — (TN) “Heavy pop sludge featuring idiots Deezy and Alex. Let’s git sad.” — SWEETTALKER — (TN) “Smooooooth Nashville Country boys.” — Read more about Brother Lee & the Leather Jackals w/ Sad Baxter (TN), SweetTalker (TN), the Death[…]