South St. Louis Rock n Roll Venue

Sledge (OK) w/ Relapse (TN), Doom and Disco

STL HARDCORE PRESENTS… SLEDGE – Oklahoma metallic hardcore outfit playing heavy, chunky, kinda dirty riffs. Like a mix of death metal, Hatebreed, and, fuck, I dunno, Slipknot or something? You’ll like it. I promise. RELAPSE – Tennessee riffmasters playing that Harm’s Way style hardcore. Sounds like bands that play that Harm’s Way style hardcore. Read more about Sledge (OK) w/ Relapse (TN), Doom and Disco[…]

Vukari (CHI) w/ Oracle

Vukari (Chicago) Atmospheric Black Metal on Vendetta Records. Oracle – 0fficial (St. Louis) Oracle is a band from St. Louis, Missouri that combines the speed and attack of thrash with the melodies, arrangements, and vocal style of power metal. Formed in 2014, Oracle draws influence from European bands such as Sonata Arctica, Helloween, Read more about Vukari (CHI) w/ Oracle[…]

False (MPLS) w/ Fister, Grand Inquisitor

FALSE (Minneapolis. MN Black Metal)   FISTER (St. Louis, MO Doom Metal)   GRAND INQUISITOR (St. Louis METAL)   8PM $10 All Ages