South St. Louis Rock n Roll Venue

Mystery Blood (KS) w/ Railhazer, Revenge Bodies (AR)

MYSTERY BLOOD (Wichita, KS) Fuzzy psychedelic death punk Railhazer (St. Louis) Doom sludge metal Revenge Bodies (Little Rock, AR) Hardcore punk 9PM $5 All Ages

Vukari (CHI) w/ Oracle

Vukari (Chicago) Atmospheric Black Metal on Vendetta Records. Oracle – 0fficial (St. Louis) Oracle is a band from St. Louis, Missouri that combines the speed and attack of thrash with the melodies, arrangements, and vocal style of power metal. Formed in 2014, Oracle draws influence from European bands such as Sonata Arctica, Helloween, Read more about Vukari (CHI) w/ Oracle[…]

False (MPLS) w/ Fister, Grand Inquisitor

FALSE (Minneapolis. MN Black Metal)   FISTER (St. Louis, MO Doom Metal)   GRAND INQUISITOR (St. Louis METAL)   8PM $10 All Ages

Dreadnought (CO) // Path of Might // Dracla // Dibiase

Dreadnought (denver) Surreal atmospheric, complex, textured and moody METAL. Mandolin, saxophone, and flutes can, and will happen. This ship takes zero prisoners. Path of Might skinny fingers and PROGGY DOOMY power. also tite bunz and sometimes magic spells. Dracla DRACLA HAS RISIN st.louis’ best wine-metal and shitty vampire DIBIASE Instru-metal trio that Read more about Dreadnought (CO) // Path of Might // Dracla // Dibiase[…]

BoneHawk w/ Lightning Wolf, Planet Eater

BoneHawk (Kalamzoo, MI) BoneHawk plays heavy, fuzz soaked, rock ‘n’ roll music with a mind toward harmony and melody Lightning Wolf (St. Louis) A dual guitar 4-piece band for fans of crunchy riffs, snarling bass, pounding drums and gruff singing accompanied by searing falsettos Planet Eater – U.S. (St. Louis) Sludge/doom metal Read more about BoneHawk w/ Lightning Wolf, Planet Eater[…]

Spacetrucker w/ Doomstress (TX), the Judge

Spacetrucker (St. Louis Stoner Metal) Doomstress (Texas Doom Metal) The Judge (St. Louis Stoner Psychedelic Rock)   8PM $5 All Ages