False (MPLS) // Fister

FALSE (Minneapolis. MN Black Metal) https://gileadmedia.bandcamp.com/album/untitled-2   FISTER (St. Louis, MO Doom Metal) https://fister.bandcamp.com/album/split-7-with-dopethrone   8PM $10 All Ages https://www.facebook.com/events/256043698206042

Dreadnought (CO) // Path of Might // Dracla // Dibiase

Dreadnought (denver) Surreal atmospheric, complex, textured and moody METAL. Mandolin, saxophone, and flutes can, and will happen. This ship takes zero prisoners. https://dreadnoughtdenver.bandcamp.com/ Path of Might skinny fingers and PROGGY DOOMY power. also tite bunz and sometimes magic spells. https://pathofmight.bandcamp.com/album/path-of-might Dracla DRACLA HAS RISIN st.louis’ best wine-metal and shitty vampire https://dracla.bandcamp.com/releases DIBIASE Instru-metal trio that[…]

BoneHawk w/ Lightning Wolf, Planet Eater

BoneHawk (Kalamzoo, MI) https://www.bonehawkriffs.com/ BoneHawk plays heavy, fuzz soaked, rock ‘n’ roll music with a mind toward harmony and melody Lightning Wolf (St. Louis) https://lightningwolfusa.bandcamp.com/releases A dual guitar 4-piece band for fans of crunchy riffs, snarling bass, pounding drums and gruff singing accompanied by searing falsettos Planet Eater – U.S. (St. Louis) https://theplaneteater.bandcamp.com/releases Sludge/doom metal[…]

Spacetrucker w/ Doomstress (TX), the Judge

Spacetrucker (St. Louis Stoner Metal) https://spctrckr.bandcamp.com/releases Doomstress (Texas Doom Metal) https://doomstress.bandcamp.com/ The Judge (St. Louis Stoner Psychedelic Rock) https://thejudge.bandcamp.com/   8PM $5 All Ages https://www.facebook.com/events/117136415491569/