South St. Louis Rock n Roll Venue

Haunter (TX) w/ Crawl, Lysergic, Kodiac

Haunter (San Antonio, TX) Progressive Black/Death Metal Crawl Lysergic (St. Louis) Kodiac (St. Louis) 7pm – doors 8pm – show $8 All Ages

Horse Culture (VA) w/ Shitstorm, Sunwyrm

Horse Culture (Richmond, VA) Punk n goth influenced doom Shitstorm (St. Louis) Monster mash graveyard smash Sunwyrm (St. Louis) Heavy fuzz psych dark magic 830pm – doors 9pm – show $5 All Ages  

Terminator 2 (TX) w/ Path of Might, Kodiac, Alex Cunningham

Terminator 2 (Denton, TX) The sound of the Human Machine shutting down forever. Sludge filled brutality. Path of Might (St. Louis) Kodiac (St. Louis) Alex Cunningham (St. Louis) 730pm – doors 8pm – show $8 All Ages

Ether (FL) w/ Chalked Up, Coffin Fit

Ether (Florida) Doom/Metal/Sludge Chalked Up (St. Louis) Coffin Fit (St. Louis) 830PM – doors 9PM – show $5 All Ages

Spacetrucker w/ Pretty Please, Path of Might

Spacetrucker (St. Louis) Stoner rock that keeps on truckin’ with riffs for miles Pretty Please (Atlanta) Pretty Please are a three piece from Atlanta that play loud. Very loud. The band, who are becoming known for their ferocious live shows, have been dubbed, “slundge”. Grunge and Sludge with some noise thrown in for good measure. Read more about Spacetrucker w/ Pretty Please, Path of Might[…]

Un w/ Badr Vogu, Fister

Un (Seattle Funeral Doom) is returning to drown us all in an ocean of sorrow. Badr Vogu (Oakland Sludge Death) is coming with them. Fister (Local Assholes) will somehow ruin the show. 7PM – doors 8PM – show $7 at the door All Ages

Replacire (MA) w/ Quaere Verum, Voidgazer

REPLACIRE (Boston, MA – Season of Mist) QUAERE VERUM VOIDGAZER 8PM $7 All Ages