South St. Louis Rock n Roll Venue

Bethlehem Steel (NY) w/ The Human Monster, Ursi

Bethlehem Steel (NY) “Gloriously loud fuzzy rock” – NPR   The Human Monster (St. Louis) Formerly know as CCDS – Deathsquad   Ursi (St. Louis)   9PM $5 All Ages

Random Acts Radio Presents: Unguent w/ Ghost in Salad

Philly-based phreaks Unguent and Ghost in Salad are making their way to STL for a very well-timed creep fest on Hallow’s eve. Spooks & Boos apply within. Unguent: Ghost in Salad: Local support by: Wamhoda: w/ special guests DJ Ghost Ice + DJ Rave 2 The Grave $5 Presented by Read more about Random Acts Radio Presents: Unguent w/ Ghost in Salad[…]

Material Girls (ATL) // The Bobby Dazzlers // Brotherfather

Material Girls (Atlanta, GA) “Not much information exists about recently-formed Atlanta band Material Girls, and the group likes it that way. The six-piece outfit featuring members of Slang, Concord America and Chief Scout debuted in late 2016 with just 33 copies of a lathe cut 7-inch record, sharing only one song online via a Read more about Material Girls (ATL) // The Bobby Dazzlers // Brotherfather[…]

Tunic (Canada) // CCDS – Deathsquad // Fragile Farm

Tunic (Winnipeg, Manitoba) Punishingly visceral noise punk – welcome them back to town for round 3! Coca-Cola Death Squad (St. Louis) Experimental drum duo – scifi and horror blasts! Fragile Farm (St. Louis) Blammo doing blammo things – see inside the soul seeing the soul 9PM $5 All Ages

Lovergurl (KC) // Googolplexia // The Jag-wires

Lovergurl (KC feminist punk/synthpop) Googolplexia (STL’s favorite Daffy Mal Yinkle Yankle cover band) The Jag-Wires (garagey punk that is neither funny or overtly political, but there might be some witty banter and one of us is a woman) Our price: $5.00 cheap 9PM All Ages

Hiccup (NY) w/ Fragile Farm, Shady Bug, the Chair Enthusiasts

Hiccup (NY) Real ripping fuzzy indie rock! The Hiccup origin story is a rather unlikely one for a breakneck paced, harmony-laden indie band. Dual vocalists Hallie Bulleit (formerly of The Unlovables) and Alex Clute first met when they began playing together in the house band on a late-night television program. The Chris Gethard Show Read more about Hiccup (NY) w/ Fragile Farm, Shady Bug, the Chair Enthusiasts[…]

NO ICE (NY) w/ the Regrets (NY), Snakehole (FL), Bald, Concentrator

NO ICE (NY) Cold as ice hooky indie rock jammers The Regrets (NY) Real smooth rock n roll Snakehole (FL) Noisy punk rock! Bald (St. Louis) Coming off their first show (which I heard was a real BURNER!!) the Bald crew will surely entertain with musical theatrics! Can’t wait to witness it Read more about NO ICE (NY) w/ the Regrets (NY), Snakehole (FL), Bald, Concentrator[…]

Loud Sun (MN) w/ the Controversial New Skinny Pill (MN), True Friends

Loud Sun (Minneapolis, MN) Andrew Jansen (born 1984, Madison, WI) is an American musician who has been self-releasing music since the year 2000. Blending genres such as rock, folk, psychedelic, punk and elements of electronic music he has played in numerous bands in the Upper Midwest and San Francisco Bay Area often in Read more about Loud Sun (MN) w/ the Controversial New Skinny Pill (MN), True Friends[…]