South St. Louis Rock n Roll Venue

Fire Heads (WI) w/ the Jag-wires, Boreal Hills

Fire Heads (Madison, WI) Ferocious garage rock from Madison coming through in support of their new LP on Big Neck Records! Catch it while it’s hot! The Jag-Wires (St. Louis) South City primal rock n roll Boreal Hills (St. Louis) Guitar gutter rock lords 9PM $5 All Ages

Drugs & Attics (KC) w/ Cult Season

Drugs & Attics (Kansas City, MO) DRUGS & ATTICS is the new premier PARTY DRUG ROCK BAND thats NOT FOR YOUR PARENTS!!!!!!!! OPENING UP THE UNITED STATES OF PARTY AND EVERYONE IS INVITED!!! Cult Season (St. Louis) 9PM $5 All Ages

Mouton (MO) w/ Backwash, Little Cowboy, Dryads

GODDAMN BOYS. WE GOT OURSELVES A GODDAMN HUMPDAY RINGER. CAN YOU FEEL IT?! LIKE REALLY FEEL IT?! GODDAMN I LOVE MISSOURI. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE. Backwash The Slimiest, the Greazyiest, the Scuzziest Surf Rock this side of the Mason-Dixon Line mouton (Springfield, MO) Heavy Shred Daddy Pop from the Goddamn Ozarks Read more about Mouton (MO) w/ Backwash, Little Cowboy, Dryads[…]

Brain Bagz (SLC) w/ Bloodbags (NZ), Shitstorm

BRAIN BAGZ (Salt Lake City, UT) Bloodbags (Auckland, New Zealand) Shitstorm (Hell St. Louis) 9PM $7 All Ages

Witch Jail (KC) w/ Weeping Icon (NYC), MOM, G.N.A.T

Witch Jail (KCMO) Ghoulish graveyard rock from our left MO coast brethern! Weeping Icon (NYC) Rad raw punk rock! MOM (STL) Oh yeah rockers! Rippin’ frantic yeah! G.N.A.T (STL) Heavy punk n roll 9PM $7 All Ages Getting freaky in the fall hell yeah

Martin Savage Gang (Sweden) w/ Shady and the Vamp (Switzerland), the Havishams, Dryads

Martin Savage Gang (Stockholm, Sweden / it’s Martin Savage from THE BLACKS, DIXIE BUZZARDS, MURDER BY GUITAR, LOCOMOTION / records out on savage records, big neck records, goodbye boozy, alien snatch, p-trash) Shady and the Vamp (Lucerne, Switzerland / records out on MOI J’CONNAIS, BACHELOR RECORDS) The Havishams (St. Louis – Garage Rock) Dryads (St. Louis Read more about Martin Savage Gang (Sweden) w/ Shady and the Vamp (Switzerland), the Havishams, Dryads[…]