South St. Louis Rock n Roll Venue

Brain Bagz (SLC) w/ Bloodbags (NZ), Shitstorm

BRAIN BAGZ (Salt Lake City, UT) Bloodbags (Auckland, New Zealand) Shitstorm (Hell St. Louis) 9PM $7 All Ages

Witch Jail (KC) w/ Weeping Icon (NYC), MOM, G.N.A.T

Witch Jail (KCMO) Ghoulish graveyard rock from our left MO coast brethern! Weeping Icon (NYC) Rad raw punk rock! MOM (STL) Oh yeah rockers! Rippin’ frantic yeah! G.N.A.T (STL) Heavy punk n roll 9PM $7 All Ages Getting freaky in the fall hell yeah

Baus // Low Weather // Thee Fine Lines

Weepy Vision Presents: BAUS (Oakland post punk / no wave) Low Weather (St. Louis indie rock/good boys) Thee Fine Lines (Spfd. Rock & Roll/pizza music) 9PM $5 All Ages  

Tunic (Canada) // CCDS – Deathsquad // Fragile Farm

Tunic (Winnipeg, Manitoba) Punishingly visceral noise punk – welcome them back to town for round 3! Coca-Cola Death Squad (St. Louis) Experimental drum duo – scifi and horror blasts! Fragile Farm (St. Louis) Blammo doing blammo things – see inside the soul seeing the soul 9PM $5 All Ages

Dasher (IN) // Pineapple RnR // Sundowning

Dasher (Bloomington, IN – Jagjaguwar Records!) Noisy post punk that riiiips Pineapple RnR (STL) New RnR band! Sundowning (STL) Dynamic shoegaze / heavy vibes! 9PM $5 All Ages

New Doubt (AZ) w/ Dada Gun

New Doubt (Tuscon, AZ) Synth post punk shredders ~ real DARK MYSTERIOUS sounding ~ Dada Gun (St. Louis, MO) Fresh SWAMP ROCK N ROLL band ft members of Brainstems! 9PM $5 All Ages

Bboys (NY) w/ Mirror Mirror, Trauma Harness, BB Eye, DEEP TAPE

Bboys (NY) “Born in different times from alternate altered states, these B’s convene on the astral plane, channeling the individual experience and wisdom from their respective points of origin into a singular entity. Abstraction takes a triangular form: vibrant guitar melodies, undulating bass lines, deep swirling grooves. Sounds that transcend a linear timeline, splintering Read more about Bboys (NY) w/ Mirror Mirror, Trauma Harness, BB Eye, DEEP TAPE[…]

Maximum Effort LP Release show w/ Dracla, Mirror Mirror, the Stranger

Maximum Effort Releasing their LP “Money, Lies, and Media Reels” Dracla We’re going to wake him up from his coffin slumber…shall his unrest unleash a monstrous rock n roll monster? Mirror Mirror STL Hooks and sweet jams abound! The Stranger 9PM $5

Throbbing Chakra (PA) w/ RadStag

Throbbing Chakra (Philadelphia PA) Postpunk krautrock RadStag (St. Louis) Fresh blood rock n roll 9PM FIVE BUCKS