Indonesian Junk (WI) // The Jag-wires // Turtle Club

Indonesian Junk (Milwaukee, WI) Big hooks and big riffs is what Indonesian Junk is all about. Hailing from the land of Lenny, Squiggy, and the Crusher this Milwaukee ménage à trois takes the best elements of glam, punk, power pop, and heavy metal, and ditches the fluff. They’re sleazy and sincere, pairing their hymns[…]

Pleasures (FL) // Shark Dad // Dryads

PLEASURES (St. Petersburg, Florida) Dark Groove // Synthwave // Space Psych “South Florida quartet Pleasures creates a dark psych/cybernetics hybrid that’s somewhere between Manson Family fever dreams at Spahn Ranch and Blade Runner replicants decaying. Live there’s a good amount of NIN/Soft Moon theatrics, the uneasy alliance between humans and machines at the center[…]

Perverts Again (OH) // Maximum Effort // Dada Gun

Perverts Again (Cleveland, OH) They’re coming!!!!! Cleveland potato boys on total punk, members of Cruelster so what more can you ask for? w/ Maximum Effort Dada Gun Fried swamp garage rock n roll!   9PM $5-$7 All Ages

Gringo Star (GA) // Polyshades // Shitstorm

Gringo Star [GA] you favorite psych rock band from atlanta returns to stl to grace us with gnarly riffs and aggressive foot-tapping Polyshades these sweet sweet stl boys play some sweet sweet surf rock tunes that will be sure to get you off your feet to headbang slightly harder Shitstorm always a good[…]

Swim Team (OH) w/ Pono AM, Honey Rippers

Swim Team (Cincinnati OH / Infinity Cat Records) Cincinnati thrash-pop band Swim Team’s debut tape contains your 12 new favorite songs. It starts with “Dirty Work,” a grunge firecraker with unstoppable vocals, unapologetic lyrics, fuzzed-out guitar riffs, and a mid-song monologue that grows from a borderline deranged mumble to a ferocious catharsis. From then[…]

Fox Face // Static Eyes // Boreal Hills // Matt Stuttler

Fox Face (Milwaukee, WI) Fox Face plays eerie punk rock with brooding rhythms and creepy guitar tones. Their witchy lyrics and fierce sound will make you want to groove … or hold a seance. STATIC EYES (Milwaukee, WI) “SNOTTY, FUZZ STOMP FROM THE MIDWEST! ROCK AND ROLL, STRAIGHT UP, NO FILLERS, NO SWEETENERS.”[…]

Bboys (NY) w/ Mirror Mirror, Trauma Harness, BB Eye, DEEP TAPE

Bboys (NY) “Born in different times from alternate altered states, these B’s convene on the astral plane, channeling the individual experience and wisdom from their respective points of origin into a singular entity. Abstraction takes a triangular form: vibrant guitar melodies, undulating bass lines, deep swirling grooves. Sounds that transcend a linear timeline, splintering[…]