South St. Louis Rock n Roll Venue

Long Live the Goat (CHI) w/ MFG, Scuzz, Healthy Fears

Long Live the Goat (CHI) Fuzz / Stoner Rock MFG (STL) Psychedelic rock Scuzz (STL) Instrumental psychedelic rock Healthy Fears (IL) 9PM $5 All Ages

Hair (CHI) // Boreal Hills

Hair (Chicago, IL) Heavy stoner fuzz rock Boreal Hills (St. Louis) Chyeah tall can large bowl garage rock TBA 9PM $5 All Ages

Old Hand w/ Beyonder

Old Hand- St. Louis hard rock duo. Songs about witch craft, and bad decisions. Tune down, turn up. Beyonder- Hard hitting, doom impending, home grown stoner bliss. 9PM $5

Dreadnought (CO) // Path of Might // Dracla // Dibiase

Dreadnought (denver) Surreal atmospheric, complex, textured and moody METAL. Mandolin, saxophone, and flutes can, and will happen. This ship takes zero prisoners. Path of Might skinny fingers and PROGGY DOOMY power. also tite bunz and sometimes magic spells. Dracla DRACLA HAS RISIN st.louis’ best wine-metal and shitty vampire DIBIASE Instru-metal trio that Read more about Dreadnought (CO) // Path of Might // Dracla // Dibiase[…]

Spacetrucker // Old Blood (CA) // Burn Thee Insects (AZ) // The Judge

Spacetrucker (St. Louis) Old Blood (Covina, CA) Burn Thee Insects (Jerome, AZ) The Judge (St. Louis) 9PM $5 All Ages

Lords of Beacon House (CA) w/ Great Electric Quest (CA), Dracla

Lords Of Beacon House (CA, Psych/Stoner Rock) The Great Electric Quest (CA, Heavy Psych) Dracla (STL, a fucking Rock N Roll Vampire, my dude) Maybe another band. There’s probably gonna be another band, god damnit. 8pm, bands at 8:30 $8 All Ages

Spacetrucker w/ Doomstress (TX), the Judge

Spacetrucker (St. Louis Stoner Metal) Doomstress (Texas Doom Metal) The Judge (St. Louis Stoner Psychedelic Rock)   8PM $5 All Ages  

Daybringer w/ Path of Might, Ankou, Spacetrucker

— Daybringer — Instrumental intergalactic travelin’ dream fuckers. Triple guitar wall of sonic madness. — Path Of Might — Heavy Crystal Rock/Flower Metal — Ankou — Formerly “Laika,” these gents bring about a hurried, staggered emotional footing. Reaching for your feelings with meticulously crafted jams. Screamin Emo like it should be done. Read more about Daybringer w/ Path of Might, Ankou, Spacetrucker[…]